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Pottery Classes for 2016

Pottery Beginners’ Throwing Course
Learn basic methods to make simple bowls and vases, and how to throw and produce interesting forms. Explore the exciting possibilities of pottery, using the main pottery techniques of hand building and throwing.
Decoration, glazing and firing are also taught

Four Day Course in Pottery
Ideal if you are a beginner and would like to experience and explore the major ways of making pottery – throwing and hand building. Pots will be decorated, glazed and fired during the course

Pottery on Saturday
For beginners or those with some experience of throwing, this is an ideal chance to experiment,
refine and develop your skills.
Learn lots of different ways of making pottery, from handbuilding to throwing. We will also look at a variety of different ways to decorate your work.
Broaden your existing knowledge and develop new skills in throwing, handbuilding, surface decoration and glazing.
You will be encouraged to develop your own ideas and styles of making through structured projects.