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Art Courses

. Drawing Class
This class aims to give the students a grounding in the craft of drawing.
We do this by looking at different aspects of objects you will be drawing, visual perception, composition and the illusion of perspective.
We cover:
Charcoal, Soft pencil line, Shading, Pattern, Cross Hatching, Pastel on emery paper, Watercolour Tonal Wash, Indian ink and Pen.
Our small classes and individual attention help to build your confidence

. Mixed Class, painting and drawing
Possibly the most versatile medium of all, many people choose to get to grips with oil painting at The Cotswold Art Academy.
For the beginners, this class starts you off with the basics but with our innovative teaching techniques you will learn this by producing a painting.
we will cover, Simple drawing techniques and composition. The use of the palette knife. Brush techniques. Colour Selection, mixing ingredient notes. Textures.


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