Offsite Art Classes. New designed classes for Corporate events.

Our art parties are perfect for Corporate events, Team building opportunities, Fundraisers, Social gatherings, Birthday parties (adults and children),  Showers, Holiday parties, Couples night and more.

. How it works?
Choose what art subject you would like to do, gather your friends, and let us do the rest.
A talented artist from the Cotswold Art Academy  will quickly transform your home or office into an art studio. Then, the artist will guide you and your friends or colleagues, stroke by stroke, through the creation of your very own masterpiece.
After just a few hours of socializing you will be amazed at your work of art.

At the end of the event, you will leave with a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a beautiful original artwork ready for display in your home or office.

Venue: Your Home, Office or at our Studio in Ebrington, Chipping Campden
Duration: 4 hours, and you chose if it’s for morning, afternoon or evening.
Tutors: From the Cotswold Art Academy
Experience Level: All Levels
Price: £45
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* Price shown is per person for the duration of 4 hours, all materials provided.

Life Drawing Class with Nicholas Chaundy

Nicholas first studied at Central St Martins where he received his Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts. He then moved to Falmouth, Cornwall to study Fine Arts at Falmouth University where, after three years, he received his Bachelor of Arts.
Nicholas has also been trained at The Florence Academy of Art where he was taught academic traditions and techniques of drawing and painting in portraiture, figurative and still life works. Nicholas received a scholarship whilst being at the academy and completed the three year program in just over two years.
Now back in the UK, he works as a commissioned portrait and figurative painter.

Duration: 4 hours, from 5pm to 9pm
Venue: The Studio | Ledley House | Ebrington | GL55 6NL
Tutor: Nicholas Chaundy
Description: For the beginners, these courses start you off with the basics but with our innovative teaching techniques you will learn this by producing a fine drawing and or painting. we will cover, Simple drawing techniques and composition. The use of the palette knife. Brush techniques. Colour Selection, mixing ingredient notes. Textures.


hand-built-ceramic-tea-pot-cotswold-art-academy-2015Hand Built Ceramics
A comprehensive introduction into the methods and variety of creative potential of sculptural ceramics. The course covers studio practice, clay types, basic core techniques of hand building for sculpture: coiling, pinching, slab building and surface decoration. These will be taught and put into practice to make finished ceramic forms. Through practical projects you will understand the material and, with emphasis on experimentation, how you can manipulate it to create a variety of forms. These can then be decorated with raw glazes and slips for a once fired finished piece.
Weeks: 10
Times: 6:30 – 9.00pm
Experience Level: All Levels
Fee: £250

sculpture-head-cotswold-art-academy-2015Introduction to Sculpture
An ideal start point for those wishing to explore sculpture techniques and ideas. This course covers both foundation technical skills and a creative exploration of different materials and ways of working. Sculpture is wonderfully fun and creative and with some simple skills taught, great results can be achieved. The first half of the term comprises three weeks of figurative sculpture in clay with a life model and two weeks of portraiture with another life model, also in clay. The second half of the term is an introduction to plaster, wire and other materials, culminating in a personal project. Students leave the course with a strong foundation of sculpture skills as well as an individual approach to the practice.
Weeks: 10
Times: 6.30 – 9.00pm
Experience Level: Beginners, Intermediate
Fee: £260

portrait-sculptures-cotswold-art-academy-2015Figure & Portrait Sculpture
If you are interested in learning to sculpt the human figure then this is an ideal class for you. You have the opportunity to explore both the full figure and a portrait head sculpture with a different model for each. You will model in clay for 10 weeks: 5 weeks of Figure Sculpture from a set pose and 5 weeks of Portrait Head Sculpture from a different model. You will get a flavour of the challenges and thrills of both of these disciplines. Many come back term after term to deepen their understanding – beginners are welcome. As well as the practice and development of working in clay from a model, also covered are measuring skills, observational skills and preparation of a piece for firing. Optional hollowing and firing of the clay sculptures are an additional cost. Book your course
Weeks: 10
Times: 6.30 – 9.00pm
Experience Level: All Levels
Fee: £250

figurative-sculpture-cotswold-art-academy-2015Creative Sculpture in the Life Room
The purpose of this course is to give students the opportunity to explore form, materials and processes as a means of sculptural expression. Throughout the class the tutor supports each student individually to develop their own approach, exploring a wide range of materials and techniques or focusing on a particular area of interest.

For students unsure about which materials, processes and ideas to explore, there are a number of structured exercises working from the life model enabling students to explore different materials and processes. The emphasis of these exercises is to create sculpture using a life model as reference, rather than doing a technical study of a model.

The course aims to teach students to use the human form to express emotion, energy or character powerfully, and question what the human form/body means to them. This in turn leads to a more developed understanding of how to use composition of form to express feeling, and to understand the subtlety needed when choosing the appropriate forms, textures, materials and processes to best express their sculptural ideas. All of these aspects will equally be covered as structural/compositional principles to suit their needs should the student not wish to use the model as reference.
Weeks: 10
Times: 6.30 – 9.00pm
Experience Level: Intermediate
Fee: £256